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Frequently Asked Questions

A Health Concierge is an innovative role we have created to bridge the voids within the existing medical framework. We are a dynamic team comprising a physician and nurse practitioner dedicated to providing unparalleled boutique patient advocacy and personalized health coaching. With our extensive expertise in patient care and comprehensive knowledge of the medical landscape, coupled with specialized training in functional, precision and longevity medicine, we deliver a transformative healthcare experience tailored specifically to your needs.

Boutique patient advocacy empowers you to focus solely on your path to wellness and healing, while your dedicated Scio team takes care of all the logistical aspects of being a patient. This encompasses scheduling and attending appointments with you, connecting you with the most appropriate doctors tailored to your specific needs, coordinating complex home health services, providing bedside support during hospitalizations, and ensuring comprehensive understanding of your health situation and available options for you and your family.

Customized health coaching is all about tailoring coaching techniques and strategies to fit each person's unique needs, goals, and preferences. At Scio, we prioritize a personalized, holistic, and client-centered approach to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals in a sustainable manner. We utilize the latest and most advanced modalities, including conventional, functional, precision, and longevity medicine, to ensure our clients receive the best possible support and outcomes.

We do not substitute any of your healthcare providers, as we do not provide medical treatment, offer medical advice, or prescribe medication. Instead, our primary focus is on ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your current health status or any new diagnoses and equipping you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. By specializing in this aspect alone, we commit abundant time to conducting extensive research on the most effective options available to you, going beyond the scope typically offered by individual physicians.

Our role does not involve prescribing medication or providing medical treatments. Rather, we prioritize educating you and equipping you with the information necessary to make informed decisions about your treatment. Additionally, we assist you in navigating the sometimes laborious process of contacting your doctor or healthcare provider when medical attention or medication is necessary.

Scio was founded from a deep desire to provide exceptional service, recognizing the challenges faced by healthcare providers like us. As a physician and nurse practitioner, we empathize with the complexities doctors encounter, particularly in primary care where demand often outstrips supply. While creating Scio, we collaborated with numerous primary care physicians and concierge doctors. The resounding consensus was the critical necessity of this service, not just for our patient, but also for assisting doctors in delivering care aligned with their aspirations for their patients.
We do not disrupt your relationship with your doctors. Instead, we introduce a new role that complements and elevates everyone’s position in healthcare. By focusing on you, Scio naturally streamlines your doctors’ responsibilities, enabling them to deliver more efficient and effective care.

Scio is designed to enhance your bond with your doctor, valuing their role while extending a range of services that exceed what a typical concierge doctor offers. This ensures you receive a thorough and personalized medical journey. From researching insurance to coordinating home care services, providing tailored health coaching, and being there at your side during a hospitalization, we go the extra mile. While each concierge doctor has their unique approach, with a Health Concierge, you are guaranteed a deeply personalized and holistic experience that revolves around your unique needs and aspirations.

No, in fact, individuals without a concierge doctor may derive even greater benefits from having a Health Concierge. Typical primary care physicians face insurmountable challenges with the limited time they can dedicate to patients due to current bottlenecks in healthcare. A Health Concierge serves as an incredible ally and partner to your primary care physician, ensuring you have access to every necessary resource not only to navigate the complex medical system but also to receive the support needed for optimal health and vitality.

As John F. Kennedy once famously said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." While modern medicine excels at treating acute illnesses, it often falls short in preventing or reversing chronic conditions. These conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, typically develop gradually over 5-10 years, often without noticeable symptoms, before culminating in sometimes irreversible and life-threatening medical emergencies.
At Scio, we adopt a proactive approach to your health, in contrast to the reactive nature of the current healthcare system. We challenge the notion that feeling run-down in middle age or later in age is normal, believing instead that everyone can and should experience vibrancy at any age. When one is attuned to their body, mind, and soul, they unlock their full potential and become unstoppable.
To prevent chronic illness and restore your vitality, we conduct in-depth assessments beyond the standard yearly checkup. We assist you in obtaining a comprehensive analysis of specific biomarkers, inflammatory markers, critical nutrients, and a complete hormone panel. Utilizing this information, we address the foundational aspects of your health and develop a personalized plan to elevate your well-being beyond your expectations.

After enrolling in a one-year membership, we will personally collect all your medical records for a thorough review, sparing you any effort. Subsequently, we will reconvene in about 3-4 weeks to discuss the broader context of your health. We will assess if there are any gaps in preventative screenings or vaccinations and identify your personal health objectives. We will delve into your daily lifestyle habits, exploring where minor adjustments can yield significant results. Additionally, we will explore your perspectives on the medical system to enhance each healthcare experience positively. This will culminate in the creation of a strategic action plan to realize these objectives.
Following this, we will introduce ourselves to your doctors, providing them with insights into how we can complement and streamline their work, thereby enhancing the existing relationship you share.
What can you expect next? We will be available for any needs that arise. Depending on the membership level you select, we will customize a game plan specifically for you. This may include weekly check-ins for targeted health coaching goals, assistance in finding top specialists for new injuries or diagnoses, support with sorting insurance bills and claims, providing support during planned or unexpected hospital stays, and so much more. We are dynamic and ready for any challenge that comes our way. We will diligently manage all aspects behind the scenes, staying current with the latest medical breakthroughs and cutting-edge knowledge. This dedication ensures you invaluable peace of mind knowing that your Health Concierge is steadfastly supporting you every step of the way.

As our parents age, the task of handling their inevitable medical needs, medications, and overall wellness to prevent common age-related issues becomes increasingly daunting. Scio provides a holistic solution to ensure that your parents or aging loved ones receive comprehensive care, taking proactive steps to safeguard them as much as possible. In the midst of our busy lives filled with careers, children, and numerous responsibilities, we all aspire to ensure the best care for our parents. Allow Scio to take the lead and ensure they flourish well into their golden years.

Scio specializes in providing services to individuals aged 18 years and older. Our focus and expertise are tailored specifically to the unique needs of the adult population, ensuring that our clients receive specialized care and attention that meets their healthcare requirements comprehensively and effectively. 

With your permission, we obtain medical release forms to access your health records. The healthcare landscape has seen a rise in specialization, with experts focusing on individual body parts or systems. Unfortunately, this lack of communication among providers puts the burden on patients to navigate their healthcare journey. By thoroughly reviewing your records, we create a truly holistic approach to serving you. With the current model of specialization and fragmented care, no one person tracks all your health information, leading to potential oversights. As your Health Concierge, we help you see the complete picture of your health and develop strategic plans for every aspect. To do so and ease the burden on you, accessing your records is crucial. This ensures a holistic approach to your care, putting everything together seamlessly.

Our services are not billed through insurance or Medicare. By operating autonomously from insurance constraints, we liberate ourselves from allegiance to specific physician groups, hospitals, or treatment paradigms. Our pursuit is to discover and deliver the optimal treatment tailored to you, showcasing the full spectrum of cutting-edge innovations available in modern healthcare.

Scio clients pay an annual fee determined by the selected services, and we offer discounted fee structures for couples and families. Please inquire to learn more.

Scio operates in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, when our clients travel, whether for business or pleasure, we meticulously assess and vet their destinations to ensure they are well-equipped to handle unforeseen challenges. Moreover, we curate personalized travel kits to empower them to thrive throughout their trip, allowing them to savor every moment while feeling their very best.


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