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Indulge in a wellness journey meticulously curated just for you.

Through customized health coaching and boutique patient advocacy delivered by a seasoned healthcare provider.

Health Coaching

Patient Advocacy

Maximizes your wellness through personalized attention

Offers expert guidance through every aspect of your medical care

Elevate your wellness like never before

Optimize your most valuable assets

Your well-being and your time.

Explore how Scio pieces it all together

Shines as individual pieces, but overall is a fragmented system and an incomplete picture...

Traditional Medicine

Puts the pieces together, offering a cohesive picture that's easy to understand.

Patient Advocacy

Adds in the missing pieces, completing the picture of ideal wellness.

Health Coaching

Meet your Health Concierge team

Experienced, dedicated, and most importantly, here for you.

Navigating the system in real-time when it's most critical and time is of the essence.

We have first-hand experience as providers

We know the rules, we know the players,
we know the strategies.

We speak the language

When you are our sole focus.

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